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amliyat-amliyat for lovers

kala jadu

b1 Building up trust takes a lot of time, but breaking it can be only a moment’s job. Once you have lost the trust of someone you love getting it back can be a difficult task that you may not even know how to approach.Once you have lost the trust of someone you love getting it back can be a difficult task that you may not even know how to approach.task that you may not even know how to approach.

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kala jadoo

With just one call to us everything in your life can be in your complete control. Have a problem? The solution to any and every problem is just a phone call away. We guarantee secrecy and results. With steadfast belief and a little help from us there is no problem that you cannot solve. For anyone who has encountered fakes and cheats who claim to be aamil’s, astrologers, bangalis and baba’s..

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Kala Jadu Love Solutions

b4  make your love life more successful you ought to have a healthy sex life as well. Often, though, due to one problem or another, there may be obstacles placed in your path to having a well functioning.We all know our zodiac signs well enough, but our knowledge of astrology and how it affects us often limited to just that. Planetary positions and that of the sun and moon can have a great impact on us . .

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Biggest Kala Jadu Services

  kali devi mantra Astrology has been used in the business sector for a long time. The predictions offered by experienced astrologers can aid in making successful business decisions that will strengthen the position and future Astrology has been employed in many areas over the course of time. It can help you reach at the root of your problems and tackle them head on instead of putting on a band aid that may not last in the long run . .

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Free Wazifa For Love

black magic These are the best wazifa for marriage problem solution such as marriage proposals,marriage soon,early marriage,successful marriage,quick marriage,arranged marriage,second marriage and removing all kind of hurdles in marriage. The quick marriage solution is to recite sura rahman each day for 11 times in such a way that when wordest .

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Wazifa Love Marriage

poweful taweez If some one is having trouble in getting married and is finding no suitable match then no worries do this powerful wazifa to get married quickly ,take a golden paper with white front and on Sunday or Thursday in the hour of moon right surah al-faith on it with saffron and rose

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Vashikaran Love

images Some individuals have an all the more difficult time meeting perfect sentimental accomplices than others. Patterns  in numerology and soothsaying by Vashi Karan specialist outlines symbolize life circumstances. At whatever point we see patterns in person outlines speaking to extreme adoration vitality, their real love life circumstances dependably coordinate the vitality. As above, so underneath.

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Free Vashikaran Mantra

kala jadoo ka ilaj we have celebrated mastery in tackling the adoration issues by the spiritual way and make simple to control somebody whom you need. In the event that you additionally having issue identified with adoration, you need your ex back, bury standing affection marriage, look after relationship....

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1.Love Amal:

ye amal chand ki phele tareekh se shuru keren .amal ka treeqa ye ha ke do moom ke guria tayar keren aur soi ke sath un ke qamar per name likhe ma walda ke.pher dono ko ek khale kamra ghan koi ata gata na ho is thara rakhe ke ek ko ek kone me aur dosre ko dosre kone me .jis thara chand ke tareekhen barhti gane un dono ko qareeb kerta jai aur jab chand ke akahree tareekh ho to en dono ko mila den.

:To preform this amal start it on the first of the moon and finish it on the last day ,prepare two dolls made up of wax and crave the names on the back with their mothers names and put them apart in two corners,now as the days pass bring them closer till binding them together and keep them safe.


2. Islamic amaliyat for love back :

bismillah ke buhat se fuwaed han ,jab bismillah hazrat adam per nazel hoi to en ke sare gunah maaf ker die gi.jab hazrat ibrahim per nazil hoi to un ki lie aag gulzar bun gi,jab hazrat suleman per nazel hoi to tamam jin o shayteen un ke ghulam bun gi.jab hazrat esa per nazal hoi to aap ne us se murdon ko zinda kia,in tamam  chezon se bismillah ki azmat ka pata chalta ha.hub ke lie phele 7000 martba bismillah ka chilla 40 din tak kere pher kisi bhi mhete cheez per dum ker ke mehboob ko khela den aur asar dheken.

:bismillah has lot of hidden powers ,to obtain special powers of bissmillah recite it for 7000 times fixed time and place to get ihe hidden when ever needed recite it for 786 times 0r 19 times and blow it on the will see the marvelous results and your lover back in lust and love.


3.amliyate for wifes love: 

bewafa biwi ko tabe o farman kerne ke lie ye totka buhat he mujarab aur azmoda ha,ek desi murge go kali ho us ka anda len aur ander se tmam mawad bahir nikal den.pher us me apni abe money dal den aur surakh ko tape laga ker band ker den.pher us ko ghade ke led me 40 din para rehne den yani daba den .jab ye tayar ho ji to mehbob ko khila den bewafa biwi haesha ki ghulam bun gi ge.

:To control heart of your wife this is the best remedy ,take an egg shell and fill it with your semen .now close the top of the egg with a tape and bury it in donkeys dung for 40 days .after 40 days take it out ,it will contain small piece of meat .give it to your lover ,wife and she will love you for ever.

amliyate for love

4.amliyat for husband love:

koi bhi aurat is amal se apne khawand ko apna bana sakti ha.nae chand ke jummeraat wale din barhana ho ker  apne 20 nhakwan kate aur pher us me apne sharmgha ke baal kaat ker shamal kere aur jab haaz ayee to thora sa khoon bhi daal de pher agar is ko jala ker is ke rakh apne khawand ko khela de to kamal fida ho aur wo sare zindage ke lie tabe ho ji.

:Any women can control his husban by this amal .on the day of new month (Thursday)prepare for the ritual ,take all your clothes of in the bathroom and cut all your 20 nails and your pubic hair .when the menstrual cycle comes add some drops of your blood and burn it gives its ashes to your husband in the drink or food and he will love you forever.

kalajadu amliyat

5.amalyate burning for ex-back:

jab nia chand char raha ho yani chand ki phele 14 tareekon me aap ye amal ker sakte han ,ek safad khaza per ye tilisam amal likhe aur is ko saffron aur arqe gulab se banaya amal atwar ko shuru kere aur isi thara roz 7 tilisami amal bna ker jalaye to buhat jald bachra hoa mehboob qadmon me ho nihayet he mujarab tareeqa ha.

:on the day of Sunday when the moon is waning take a piece of white paper and write this tilism amliyate on 7 piece of white paper ,now write the name and the mothers name of the beloved person and start burning them 0ne by one till seven days and your lost ex lover will be back in burning love.

get ex back

6.amliyatee to get your lost lover back:

agar kisi ka matloob naraz ho gia ho ti in tlismat ko 13 rote ke tokron perlekhe,per shart ye ha ke rotee khud pakaye,pher agar matloob mard ha to ner kutta aur agar aurat ha to mada kutii talash ker ke us ko kilihye.wo talab ki muhabat me beqarar ho ke hazer ho gi ga.

:In order to get your lost lover back use this ritual to make him/her madly in love with you.make a chapati from wheat and write this talisman on pieces of wheat and then if your loved one is male give it to a male dog otherwise if she is a girl find a black bitch .the moment they eat the pieces of chapati your lover will come to you.

mehboob amal


7.amaliyat for love in hindi:

apne mehboob ko qadmon me lane kelie ye hindi mantra kamal ka asar rakhta ha , is amal ko 21 kali mirchon per 21 din tak phere ur aag me jalata ,amal ke doran supari,pan,sundoor,aur sarson ka charag jalie mehboob 21 din ke ander ander hazer ho ker ajze kere ga.

:If you want to make your desired person fall in love with you then recite this mantra keeping his/her picture in front for 21 days .keep supari,sundoor,and burn a lamp of oil.keep rose flowers in front of you.your goal will be achieved within 21 days.

manter :(kali kali mha kali andra ki bete brahma ki sali tera wachan na ji khali khaye pan bajaywe tale mha kali mha kali hma kali che che sawaha.)

amliyat muhabat

8.Dua amliyate for getting loved one:

ye hub ka buhat he zabrdast amal ha sub se phele sura kousar ko makoos 41 martba 41 din tak phere jab is ka amal bun ji to 41 kali merchon per rozana 108 martba pherta ji aur mehboob ka name leta ji,pher kia ho ga bus mehbob pagalon ke thara dorta hoa aap ke qadmon me a ji ga.

:This is a very effective love magic from Arabic traditions .First recite surat kauser backwards for 41 times till 40 days and then when you wish a target to fall in love and lust with you put his/her picture in front of you and recite it for 108 times on black pepper seed  and put it in fire ,this will fill your loved ones heart with burning lust.


These are the best and most powerful amliyat which you can use for free or contact us for further consultation.